Year One of REFUGE

Exactly one year go today we released our first full length worship album. We’ve been incredibly blessed to hear the numerous stories from all over the world of how the Lord used our music to speak to them in some way, shape or form. These songs began as anthems and laments for us here in Cleveland and to see them move throughout the world and take on new life has been nothing short of amazing. There was never a marketing budget behind the album. The only reason anyone ever heard these songs was because you shared it with them and for that we are grateful. Much thanks goes to our friends and family who made this possible. Many thanks to our friend Ramy Antoun for paving the way and pushing us to find our calling. A huge thank you also goes out to our friend Robbie Seay for producing REFUGE and leading us through the process of finding our voices amidst all the “noise.” We’re also grateful that this is also just the beginning. We’ve recently begun another season of writing and seeking out what the next chapter of this story might sound like and we’re looking forward to sharing what becomes of it. 

Thank you for being a part of this with us,

Chris & Bethany

Chris SolyntjesComment